Videos: Chris on Simplicity

In the second installment of our video series, Chris talks about the Simplicity of carsharing.

CHRIS on SIMPLICITY : Peg City Car Co-op from Peg City Car Co-op on Vimeo.

Why does Chris carshare? He doesn’t drive a lot and usually walks or cycles to work. The added costs of a vehicle, insurance and maintenance add up. In the end they hardly seem worth it. It’s only $500 to join, and he only needs a car once or twice a week at the most.

Chris uses a car for groceries, to visit his parents in the ‘burbs and when he goes on dates. Getting out of awkward date is made easier if the car needs to get back ‘on time’.

Carsharing is good for someone like him, for where he lives and what he does.

[Chris has inspired our tertiary tagline: “Bike. Walk. Bus. And Sometimes, Date.”]

Thanks to Assiniboine Credit Union for making this possible.

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