Videos: Shauna on Cost


The third of our Member Profiles features Shauna talking about the true costs of vehicle ownership.

SHAUNA on COST: Peg City Car Co-op from Peg City Car Co-op on Vimeo.

Shauna’s home is a mess – and it’s all because of the carshare.

She and her family were able to save for a down payment on a new house because they don’t own a car. They moved in a few months ago and are still in the process of unpacking.

With carsharing, the cost of using a vehicle is kept stable. Maintenance, insurance, parking and gas are all covered in the usage rates of $3 per booking, $3 per hour and $0.40* per kilometre.

For more information on the true costs of owning a vehicle, please see our Save Money section in the About Carsharing page.

Thanks to Assiniboine Credit Union for making this possible.