Where to go: Brokenhead Wetland Interpretive Trail


For many, carsharing is a way to run errands and get around the city when walking, biking and busing isn’t practical. This is our bread and butter, but carsharing can be also used to hit the road and explore! That’s why we’ve created a new feature called “Where To Go”, where staff and members explore Manitoba (and beyond).

One of our board members, and longtime carshare member, took a day trip out to the Brokenhead Wetland Interpretive Trail at the end of March. Here is the story of their adventure!

“Before heading out of town, we picked up the car and took it for a wash. Peg City will reimburse you with driving credit for the cost of the cleaning, and give you an extra $10 credit just for washing the car, which can add up to a few hours of free drive time. Since we were going to be using the car for the better part of a day, this worked out really well for us.

The Brokenhead trail is about an hour (80 kms) outside of Winnipeg. It opened in June 2016 and features a 2.6km journey on a wooden boardwalk through boreal forest and along the edge of a fen wetland. While the trail is only officially maintained mid April-October, it is still accessible in the winter.

We saw a balsam fir forest, squirrels, and deer prints. We also spotted evidence of native orchids and carnivorous plants, and American bittersweet flowers. The spring temperatures and sunshine made for a really lovely day.

Before we drove home, we stopped in Lockport at the famous Half Moon Drive-in for a hotdog, hamburger, and fries. We would highly recommend the trail in all seasons, and it should be opening mid-late April of this year. You can read more about this beautiful trail HERE.

Being members of a carshare means that we can still get out of the city from time to time without having to own a car. Thanks Peg City Car Co-op!”

If you are interested in sharing your carsharing adventures, let us know and we’d be happy to feature you on our next “Where To Go” post!