Where to go: From Ontario to Chicago (and a few spots in between)

For many, carsharing is a way to run errands and get around the city when walking, biking and busing isn’t practical. This is our bread and butter, but carsharing can be also used to hit the road and explore! That’s why we’ve created a feature post called “Where To Go”, where staff and members explore Manitoba (and beyond). 

Stifle your envy – this road trips sounds AMAZING. Here’s the story from our Operations Manager, Philip:

Working for Peg City means long hours, being attached to my phone and always being ready to deal with any issues so that members have the best experience possible. That’s why when I go on vacation I do my best to unplug and relax.

I really love a good road trip. A good road trips allow you to slow down, spend time with friends and find interesting pit stops on the way. There’s something so hurried about flying, and you miss all the fun in between. Not to mention that flying comes with a massive carbon foot print.  The choice to not fly is made even easier when you consider how much there is to explore in Canada and the US.

That’s why this year I decided to hit the road with a Co-op car! Over the span of a few weeks we were able to unwind in Rushing River Provincial Park, enjoy the rugged beauty of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, head down to the Chicago, and even ride some roller coasters!

There are so many beautiful places to canoe in Canada, and most of the best paddling country is right in our backyard. Travel a few hundred kilometers from Winnipeg, down a couple rugged gravel roads and you’ll find the most pristine paddling country anywhere in the world. Having access to our trucks allowed us to traverse back-country roads that a regular car wouldn’t be able to hack.

Some of the highlights of our canoe trip:

  • The pure silence and serenity
  • Seeing bears
  • Eating campfire bannock with loads of butter
  • Pristine lakes

We spent more then a week in the bear-filled back woods, and then we headed back to Winnipeg (we actually did see two bears!). After a day of cleaning up we hit the road again. This time heading to Chicago, Illinois and Sandusky, Ohio.

We traded the truck for a Peg City car with bike racks, which meant once we were in Chicago, my friend and I were able to hop around anywhere with the comfort of our own bikes. It made it so much easier to get around, which was great, considering how much ground we had to cover. The biking was great too, with amazing shoreline bike paths.

Our favourite moments in Chicago included:

  • Going to Al Capone’s blues bar
  • The food (especially the pizza)
  • Miles of water front bike paths
  • The Garfield Conservatory
  • Exploring Chicago School architecture

From Chicago we hit the road again – this time heading to Sandusky, Ohio, where we spent a few days riding some of the most intense roller coasters found anywhere on the planet. We’re talking about zero to 100 in seconds, 300 foot drops and all the spine twisting fun you can imagine. One of the craziest rides in the whole park sends you careening towards almost 500 feet straight up at speeds of 200 kilometers in hour and then drops you straight down.

There’s only one highlight in a roller coaster park – it’s the roller coasters!!

Sadly all good things have to come to an end, but we couldn’t have imagined a better trip than the one we planned with Peg City cars. There’s nothing like being able to have a diversity of cars with roof racks and bike racks at the drop of a hat.


We already started to plan our next road trip on our drive home. Next time you’re looking to hit the road don’t forget about Peg City Car Co-op!

If you are interested in sharing your carsharing adventures, let us know and we’d be happy to feature you on our next “Where To Go” post!

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