Where to go: Grand Beach

Since COVID 19 began, we have not been able to travel. However, now that restrictions have been lifted, we have decided to have our first camping experience in Manitoba!

– Submitted by Gennaro Costantino, Co-op Member

where to go, grand beach

World-Renowned Sands

Why Grand Beach? The beach is considered to be one of the best in Manitoba. We come from a coastal city and have been missing the ocean air, so this felt like the right place to experience Manitoba’s finest waterfront. Bruna and I (Gennaro) chose Grand Beach because the campsites are well maintained and easy to access by car. Visiting the park was especially easy because our Peg City booking included a provincial park pass!

We are new on the road for these kinds of adventures and still learning about Canadian wildlife. We were looking to visit a natural space that offered quiet distraction and contact with nature. For us, this trip was planned to help recharge our batteries, given the long time we have been working from home.

Hyundai Tuscon

The Hyundai Tucson is a comfortable adventure car. The back seats fold down for transporting gear and coolers, it includes a provincial park pass, has Bluetooth for playing music, and last but not least: we enjoy the feeling of being part of a Carsharing program. Carsharing helps us drastically reduce our carbon footprint in a world of unsustainable consumption. We feel better driving less and saying: conscious use!

So we booked car 50, the Hyundai Tucson, filled our cooler with fresh fruits, snacks and proteins for BBQ and headed off to the Grand Beach Provincial Park. We set up our tent and lights to enjoy our first night with some good red wine and cheese.

The Biggest Burger

We brought a cast-iron pan, loads of snacks, a BBQ and a single stove for our mocha to have some good fresh coffee during the day. We had everything that we needed to enjoy ourselves and relax during our camping trip!

Our time there was so good. We were able to make and eat the best hamburgers so far in our lives! We had 3 each! And they were big…

Going back to the camping experience, want to share that it was really nice to wake up with the sun and sleep with weird (sometimes, lol) and peaceful tree sounds.

The Full Canadian Camping Experience

On the last day before we packed up to go back home, while we were enjoying our BBQ and taking some pictures for this blog, Bruna looked at me stunned, and said, “There is a bear just behind you…”

I said, “Stop playing!” But when I turned my head around, I saw a big bear just to the left behind the trees, less than 20 feet away from us! Unfortunately, I could not get this moment on camera. I was too excited about what happened, but I have it really clear behind my eyes! It was the best and crazy feeling/experience we had during the camping! I thought to myself, “Mission completed, now I have had the full Canadian camping experience”, and we drove back to the city.

Why Carsharing

Using a carsharing service provides me convenience, flexibility, and cost-effective rates. Being a Co-op member also reminds me of how important and beneficial it is to share things. We save money, build conscious use and last but not least, help our world with less pollution & a healthier place for the next generations!

There are many convenient cost savings including, maintenance, insurance, cleaning, up-fitting, parking, financing, fueling and more.

Carsharing is similar to camping: you make a reservation, treat the space with respect, knowing that others will enjoy the space after you, and whatever you pack in, you pack out.

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