Where to Go: Philip at Falcon Trails Resort

For many, carsharing is a way to run errands and get around the city when walking, biking and busing isn’t practical. This is our bread and butter, but carsharing can be also used to hit the road and explore! That’s why we’ve created a new feature called “Where To Go”, where staff and members explore Manitoba (and beyond).

Last month, Operations Manager Philip Mikulec took the cargo van out for a trip to Falcon Trails Resort.

“As part of a yearly tradition my girlfriend and couple of friends head out to the eco-cabins to Falcon Trails Resort. It’s a great place to get away where with cabins that are off the grid and a secluded lake with no moterboats!

This is the first year we took a carshare vehicle. We loved the idea of taking the cargo van for all the food and fun beverages we pack (and we pack a lot), plus with our furry dog Pal in tow, there’s the added bonus that the cargo van is easy to clean.

Before heading out to the cabin, we took a detour to Kenora where we enjoyed great food and local brews from Lake of the Woods Brewing Company.

While we stayed for the whole weekend, Falcon Lake Trails Resort is a great place to visit as a day trip all year around! With frequent festivals, a ski hill, mountain bike and hiking trails, it’s a great place to hang out regardless of the season or weather.”

If you’re thinking of getting away, don’t hesitate to book any of our vehicles to hit the road, but our vans, trucks and cargo van are particularly well suited for outdoor adventures if you’re packing a lot of gear. If your looking to canoe, you can book our Nissan Frontier with it’s high quality Thule roof rack.

If you enjoy exploring Manitoba and are interested in sharing your carsharing experiences, let us know and we’d be happy to feature you on our next “Where To Go” post!

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