Where to go: Snowdance 2020


Peg City is excited to announce our first year sponsoring the Snowdance Festival at Falcon Ridge. Snowdance is a small festival featuring local music and winter activities, with accommodations scattered in a number of locations. We decided to provide rides to and from locations to make sure everyone got home safe. Helps when you’ve got winter tires!

Where to Go: Snowdance Festival 2020

“While skiers get their kicks on the slopes,

on stage in the chalet at the base of the hill will be bluegrass, pop, soul and a little rock n roll

live music Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday from some of the finest bands around these parts.”

– About Snowdance

This past weekend Peg City Car Coop had the opportunity to team up with Snowdance Festival at Falcon Ridge Ski resort offering a ride to weary festival goers. This SOLD OUT festival featured a split between live music, horse-rope skiing, sauna sessions, curling and hockey tournaments, snow sculpting, dog ski-journing, and frozen turkey curling! And for the bravest among us… the polar dip.

This year was Peg City’s first year sponsoring the event. One of the biggest challenges facing the festival is accommodations. Most folks aren’t able to simply throw down a tent in a field for this winter festival, and local accommodations are often sparsely located. So we decided to provide rides to and from locations to make sure everyone got home safe. It sure helps to have your entire fleet is equipped with winter tires!

Logistics aside, the festival was a bumpin’ chill time.

There was live music Friday through Sunday afternoon, featuring the musical stylings of local Manitoban artists such as Jonny Moonbeam, Madeleine Roger & Logan McKillop, House of Gold Diamonds, Jaywood, Red Moon Road, and more!

We kicked things off Friday night with a  “Shinny Shake up” hockey tournament. Folks could brush up their auger stance with some ice fishing lessons, mange on a perogie dinner, try on their best James Dean impressions in a snowmobile drag-race. The list is so extensive, and whacky that it is hard to write into paragraph form and actually convey how playful and exciting it really was. You truly had to be there.

So, if after reading this post you are feeling bummed out that you missed out on a good time, remember  you can access the resort throughout the winter. You can head out of town for a weekend on the slopes, rent a cabin with some pals, and be sure to stick around the Ski Chalet on a Sunday afternoon: they have live music every weekend!

“But wait, Falcon ridge is so far, I’d need to rent a car just to get there!”

We can help you get there in a Peg City Car Coop car. Right now, Peg City and Falcon Trails Resort are offering a 10% discount on both the carshare and cabin rental so our members can enjoy the beauty of Falcon Trails all year around!

All our vehicles come equipped with winter tires. We have a wide selections of vehicles, ranging from trucks and minivans to hatchbacks. And our members pay the same rate, regardless of what vehicle they book!