Where to go: Whiteshell Provincial Park


For many, carsharing is a way to run errands and get around the city when walking, biking and busing isn’t practical. This is our bread and butter, but carsharing can be also used to hit the road and explore! That’s why we’ve created a feature post called “Where To Go”, where staff and members explore Manitoba (and beyond).

In August, one of our members, Rachel, used their Peg City membership to head out to the Whiteshell region to stay at Falcon Trails Resort. Here’s the story of their trip:

“After a long cold winter, my husband and I wanted to treat ourselves and two young sons to some cottage time in the Whiteshell. We booked a cottage at Falcon Trails Resort for a week in August and soon realized we needed a big vehicle to hold the staggering amount of stuff we needed to bring (two car seats, a travel crib, a stroller, clothes and diapers and food for a week, and more toys than we’d ever seen in one place to keep our two-year-old entertained on rainy days). Our 8-week-old son wasn’t able to hold toys yet, so at least we didn’t need to pack toys for him. 😄”

“In the past we have rented cars from traditional car rental companies for our vacations, but we always found it time consuming to go pick up the car and return it. And we found it annoying when the car we booked was not available when we went to pick it up. We didn’t have to worry about any of this when we booked the car co-op vehicle. We booked a peg city car co-op minivan for seven days for our trip and it was awesome! It held all our gear so easily and was very comfortable for all the time we spent driving. For our next family vacation we plan to use car co-op vehicle again, as it is about the same price as renting a vehicle elsewhere and way more convenient. And now that we’ve taken a family vacation with a minivan, there is no going back to squeezing all our gear into a small trunk.”

“We were able to take advantage of a new promotion: if you drive a car co-op vehicle to your Falcon Trails Resort cottage, you get 10 percent off both your vehicle bill and your cottage bill. We are on the “Members Plus” plan with the car co-op (which you can have for only a month, if you want), and with the 10 percent discount our minivan only cost us $270 including mileage and gas, after tax. We also got 10 percent off our cottage, which is a significant savings as the cottage rentals are not cheap. Falcon Trails was fantastic. We really recommend it.

Our two-year-old loved:
– hiking on the trails near the cottage
– canoeing (free for guests at the resort)
– playing on the sandy beach in front of our cottage
– roasting marshmallows on the campfire
– looking out the cottage window at the trees and lake
– eating ice cream in town (about a 20 minute drive from where we stayed)
– playing at the playground and biking on the boardwalk at the beach in town

The adults loved:
– when the two year old was happy
– relaxing in the hot-tub after bedtime
– and everything the toddler loved – because no one is too old to love ice cream, marshmallows, and nature! We can’t wait to go back next summer!”

If you are interested in sharing your carsharing adventures, let us know and we’d be happy to feature you on our next “Where To Go” post!