Winnipeg hosts Federation of Canadian Carsharing Co-operatives

We’re still winding down from our amazing Annual General Meeting last week, but are ecstatic about the end of March when we’ll be joined from east to west by fellow co-operatives in the industry.

The Federation, made up of carshare co-ops from Vancouver, Victoria, Nanaimo, Nelson, Calgary, Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg (us!), and Kitchener-Waterloo/Hamilton, will meet to discuss everything from operations, technology and shared ventures to industry challenges. Also joining us for part of the conference will be representatives from several City of Winnipeg departments and our keynote speaker, Kevin McLaughlin, President & Founder of AutoShare in Toronto.

With 2012 marked as the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives, the conference exemplifies the sixth co-operative principle of co-ops supporting other co-ops. The participating carshares range from the well-established, such as Modo The Car Co-op in Vancouver, which is celebrating its 15th year of operation with over 10,000 members and hundreds of cars, to new carshare co-ops in the process of organizing, such as Kelowna.

Download our full press release here.

We have benefited so much from the diversity and wealthy knowledge base of this community of co-operatives, and are pleased as relative newcomers to be hosting this year’s conference.

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