Update: We have SOLD OUT! We would like to extend a sincere thank you to everyone who invested with us. Your support will help to ensure the future of carsharing in Winnipeg.

Invest in Less and Get More in Return!

Peg City Car Co-op is excited to be offering an investment opportunity! We’ve been approved to sell $300,000 in investment shares. An investment in Peg City Car Co-op means less congestion, less pollution, and brings car sharing to more people in Winnipeg.

One year ago, we sold $200,000 in shares in four weeks. We were approved for another sale in February of an additional $100,000, and we sold out in just ONE WEEK. Don’t miss your opportunity to invest, help a local co-op, and grow our carsharing network!

Our goal is sell out in next four weeks. You can help us make that happen!

Accelerate the Savings with a 45% Tax Credit

Earn a 45% refundable tax credit when you purchase investment shares, thanks to the Province of Manitoba’s Community Enterprise Development Tax Credit Program.

You can choose to invest as little as $100 (one share) and as much as $30,000 (300 shares), purchasing in increments of $100.

Even if you have zero tax liability, you’ll still get a credit, whether you’re investing $100 or $5000. Plus, your investment can potentially earn dividends up to 3%.

Learn more about refundable tax credits here.

The Future Looks Bright!

When Peg City first launched, we had 100 users and 3 cars. Today, we have 40 vehicles and over 1400 users! We’ve also diversified our fleet to include family vans, a truck and a cargo van. In just one year, we have outpaced our own growth. By 2020, we plan on expanding to 55 vehicles and 2000 users. Your investment will help get us there!

Today, we have 40 vehicles and over 1400 users!

511 River Avenue x2
River and Norquay

655 Osborne Street
Langside and Sara

U of W Science Complex
Manitoba Legislature
Broadway and Garry
Jessie and Cockburn
Ibex Business Centre

Main and Bannatyne
Lily and James
City Place
Maryland and Westminster

University of St.Boniface
Lord Roberts CC
Corydon and Lilac
Hargrave and Ellice

Fools and Horses
Fort Rouge Leisure Centre
Nine Circles

80 Lombard
University of Winnipeg
Old Grace Housing Co-op
166 Osborne Street

Old Grace Housing Co-op x2
366 Smith Street
McMillan and Hugo
137 Scott Street
166 Edmonton
520 Ellice Street
544 Main Street
Fort and Assiniboine

277 River Avenue
180 Roslyn Road
271 Evanson Street
112 Marion Street
267 Sherbrook Street x2
363/365 William Ave
422 Gertrude Ave

When can I expect my return on investment? 

You will receive a 45% refundable tax credit when claimed on your income tax (value of $450). Your investment capital is then held for three years, according to law. In the forth year, we start buying back one-quarter of the amount invested ($250 shown in yellow) on an annual basis. Depending on the dividend declared by the Board, we may return up to a 3% dividend on the remaining amount invested.

2019 marked the final round of buybacks for our first year investors. That means the $66,500 that was invested with us 7 years ago was paid back, in full.

I’m interested in investing, what are my next steps?

The personal limit for investment for this round of shares is $60,000. If you have already invested with us in 2018/2019, this will affect the amount you are able to purchase.

1) Review our Offering Statement to ensure you are fully informed of our business plan and any potential risks that may be involved in investing.

2) Complete the Investment Share Subscription Form and either email a digital signed copy to [email protected] or mail the form to the following address:

Peg City Car Co-op
400-460 Main Street
Winnipeg, MB R3B 1B6

Please note that photocopied or scanned documents will not be accepted.

3) Now it’s time to buy your shares! Purchases can be made three ways:

○ Credit Card (up to $4000)
○ Interac e-transfer
○ Cheque

Please contact Peg City Car Co-op to arrange your payment method.


Questions can be directed to 204.793.3912 or [email protected]

Thank you for investing in Peg City Car Co-op!
Your investment in less will make car sharing available to more Winnipeggers!