Share Your Videos and Earn Driving Credit for Earth Day!


As we gear up to celebrate Earth Day this April, we’re excited to launch a special video promotion. Throughout the month, we’re inviting all Peg City Car Co-op members to participate in our Earth Month Video Promo and earn driving credit for your advocacy!

Make a video showcasing your next Peg City adventure and earn driving credit! Here's a group of members at The Leaf!

From April 1st to April 30th, Peg City Car Co-op members can earn $35 in driving credit by creating and sharing videos that showcase their experiences with Peg City. If you’re a first-time Peg City poster, you’ll receive an exclusive $40 credit for your video contribution!

Here’s how to earn your credit:

  1. Capture your Peg City moments on video – whether it’s a scenic drive, an adventure with friends, a carsharing tip, or simply sharing why you love being part of our community.
  2. Share your video on social media, tagging us @PegCityCarCoop and using the hashtag #PegCityEarthDay.
  3. We’ll add your driving credit from there!

Your videos must meet the following criteria:

  1. Your videos should be well-composed, feature people, and include a brief write-up providing context.
  2. While you’re welcome to cut photos into your video, original video content must also be included in the post.
  3. We encourage creativity and originality, so think beyond the typical selfie in front of a Peg City car and aim to bring us inside your unique Peg City experience.
  4. Please post the video on your feed and in a public profile.

*A limit of one credit per account applies for the month.

Here are a few example videos from our membership to get your creative motors whirring!

Showcase your next out-of-town adventure!
Carleigh shows us snippets of what life can be when you live car-free!
Share a carsharing tip or a lesson you learned the hard way, like Suzanne here.

By sharing your Peg City stories, you’ll be spreading the word about sustainable transportation while earning extra driving credit to fuel your future journeys with Peg City. And while this offer only lasts until April 30th, you can earn driving credit all year long by participating in Peg City’s Ambassador Program!