How To Apply with a 5I Licence


Drivers with a 5I licence from Manitoba are now eligible to drive Peg City! You may also benefit from this program if you have a 5I equivalent from another province or region. Here’s how to apply with 5I.

Are you fewer than 30 days away from earning your 5F? You’re welcome to apply through our usual channels! Those more than 30 days out may follow the steps below.

Driving History

First, you’ll need your driving history from Manitoba Public Insurance to submit with your application. Your driving history must be completely clear (no tickets or at-fault collisions) to be eligible. Driving histories can take up to five business days to process. We can’t approve you to drive until you’ve proven your history, so it’s wise to get it from MPI first. You can find instructions for requesting your driving history in Manitoba here.

If your licence is from outside of Manitoba, you’ll need to get your driving history before applying. Different regions have different processes for getting driving history, so we recommend contacting the governing body that issued your licence directly.

5I Licence Registration

Once you have your driving history, fill out our registration form. Please note that 5I applicants are required to join at the Member or Member Plus tier and will be asked to pay an additional $500 deposit after approval ($1,000 total). 5I applicants are not eligible to join our Damage Pool program.

We’ll be glad to refund your $500 deposit and allow you entry into the Damage Pool once you’ve earned your 5F licence.

5I Application Waiver

Finally, read and complete our 5I application waiver. Once our member services team has reviewed your application (this process can take up to three business days), you’ll receive an email requesting this waiver and making arrangements for the payment of your additional $500 deposit.

We hope this program makes carsharing accessible to a wider range of people who need it. If you have any questions about this program or the application process, feel welcome to give us a call or send us an email!