Comparing FIX vs FLO Prices: Understand the Difference and Get the Best Rates!


FLO cars have been on the streets for a few weeks now, and we’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedback from members on the convenience and ease of using FLO.

As we head into the hottest and busiest time of the year for carsharing, we wanted to take a moment to break down the kinds of trips where FLO is best. It’s also helpful to compare FIX vs FLO prices across different kinds of trips so you can access the best rate no matter the trip.

Looking at the above rate chart, FLO prices appear more expensive than FIX ones, but depending on the trip, FLO can actually be the cheaper option. It’s also important to note that FIX price matching is included for FLO bookings on the Member Plus plan. More on that below.

A map displaying the FLO Zone, FLO cars, FLO Drop-Off Points, and FIX stations

FLO Prices for Quick Trips

FLO is the obvious choice for A to B trips inside the FLO Zone. FIX has a minimum booking time of an hour, but FLO trips have no minimum time requirement. If you only need to drive a few kilometres in fifteen minutes, a FLO trip would run you roughly five dollars, while a FIX trip would cost closer to ten (and you’d have to return the car to the same place you picked it up). If you frequently make quick trips, purchasing a FLO Pass will save you even more!

FIX vs FLO Prices for Long Trips

We can see from the trip calculator that FLO day trips are often cheaper than FIX ones. And on the Member Plus plan, FLO bookings are price-matched to FIX. That makes FLO an excellent fit for a weekend trip to Minneapolis or a day at the beach!

And as summer heats up and FIX cars book up, FLO cars can be an excellent option for spending a few days in Riding Mountain or at the cabin. While these bookings may cost you a few dollars more than a FIX trip, if you’re on the Member Plus plan, you’ll benefit from price-matching on these bookings. THat makes FLO a great alternative when you begin booking your weekend and can’t find a FIX!

Remember, you’re welcome to drive wherever you need during a FLO booking. All Peg City vehicles can be driven throughout Canada and the United States. You only need to pay attention to the FLO Zone and FLO Drop-Off Points when you begin or conclude your FLO booking.

A Few Final Reminders

When you make travel plans, please remember that all FLO cars are hatchbacks or hybrid sedans. While the back seats are easy to maneuver, and these cars can haul quite a lot, FIX is still there when you need a minivan, SUV, truck, or cargo van. FIX vehicles also have unique features like bike racks, car seats, and park passes!

Whether you book FIX or FLO, make sure you grab the vehicle keys from the key-card holder in the glove box. Even when the car’s a push start, those keys will allow you to lock and unlock the doors throughout your booking. It’s also essential to take the keys to avoid locking yourself out of the car and ending your trip accidentally. All Peg City vehicles have a safety mechanism that locks the doors when the keys are in the key-card holder, and the ignition is off for three minutes. This doesn’t happen when you’ve taken the keys from the glove box, so be sure to grab those keys!