Good Read: Climate Revenues Could Transform Transportation


“With almost two-thirds of Manitobans living in Winnipeg’s metropolitan area, targeted, forward-looking investment in the city’s urban infrastructure represents a significant opportunity to make bold moves that leverage those dollars to reduce our carbon footprint, grow the economy and build a more competitive and progressive city.

Establishing a modern, urban public transportation system is one of these key opportunities with multi-faceted benefits.”

Boris Minkevich / Winnipeg Free Press Files

“Since 1970, Winnipeg has grown by more than 60 per cent in area but only 30 per cent in population. By building a low-density, sprawling city, we are accelerating the growing gap between tax revenue and escalating service and infrastructure costs. Automobile use is continuing to rise, commuting distances, traffic congestion and GHG emissions are increasing, and spending on road maintenance and construction is growing.”

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