Good Read: How do you build a transport system for 26m people?


In under two decades, New Delhi has built a modern, affordable, and reliable metro system that spans 214km. By the beginning of the next decade, the goal is to more than double in size to 482km. What an incredible engineering feat!

While at the same time, Winnipeg will have barely managed to build 11km of bus rapid transit. Winnipeg is not New Deli and has no need for an extensive metro system, but 11km of poorly aligned bus rapid transit is nothing to be proud of. We seriously need to get our act together!


“[t]he Delhi Metro system is one of the greenest around. Six years ago, the Metro was the first railway system in the world to be awarded carbon credits from the United Nations for helping to reduce pollution in the capital by an estimated 640,000 tonnes every year.”

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