Good Read: Pedestrian bridges a welcome direction

“A new pedestrian and cycling bridge, however, proposed to span the Assiniboine River and connect the cycling infrastructure of Osborne Village and downtown, might present a new model to effectively link many of Winnipeg’s communities at a more intimate scale.”

“Connecting neighbourhoods and reducing pedestrian and cycling distances create social opportunity by increasing access to a wider number of public transit routes, reducing commuting times and effectively widening the catchment area within which a transit user could reasonably commute to work or school. More convenient access to transit through better pedestrian connections would help both inner-city and suburban residents.”

Pictured: Preliminary designs for a new pedestrian and cycling bridge over the Assiniboine River to connect Osborne Village to Downtown via McFadyen Park on the north side of the river and Fort Rouge Park on the south side of the river.

Click here to read the full Winnipeg Free Press article.

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