Join Our Board and Reshape Transportation in Winnipeg: Apply Now!


We’re currently accepting applications from Peg City Car Co-op members who would like to join our Board of Directors. There are six positions up for election, with four incumbents seeking re-election and two vacancies.

Text and graphic inviting you to join our board in 2024. The deadline for applications February 29, 2024.

How To Join Our Board

An elected board of nine directors governs Peg City Car Co-op. Board members volunteer 2-10 hours a month (depending on the time of year). They must contribute to one of four committees.

We are particularly interested in candidates with governance, financial, legal, and business experience. That said, anyone with the time, energy, and vision for Peg City Car Co-op is encouraged to submit an application to join our board. 

Only share-holding members are eligible to sit on the board. Please submit this nomination form by February 29, 2024, if you want to run for election. Board elections take place during our Annual General Meeting.

Meet Our Incumbents

Jared Kozak

Jared Kozak, CEO of Karve IT, a company that builds software for large moving companies, is an innovative leader with over six years in the local tech scene. His diverse business acumen ranges from technical implementations to strategic finance. Driven in his approach, Jared has propelled Karve IT from a startup to serving over 25 locations across North America.

Jared is passionate about sustainable living. He’s a regular longboarder around The Village and personally advocates for reducing vehicle dependency. He believes Peg City Car Co-op is pivotal to that vision. Experienced in building scalable feedback cycles for tech companies, Jared was appointed to the board in May of 2023 and is seeking confirmation at this year’s AGM. He’s the ideal candidate to continue helping Peg City Car Co-op perfect its member experience and drive forward the vision of a greener, more connected Winnipeg.

Mark Bauche

A Peg City Car Co-op member for over a decade, Mark Bauche has been a dedicated board member since 2018. He became a Winnipeger in 1999 when he moved from Saskatchewan to Winnipeg to study at the University of Manitoba.

Working as a landscape architect at HTFC Planning & Design, Mark integrates carsharing into his projects. His design philosophy focuses on creating spaces that are sustainable, accessible, and resilient to climate change.

Mark passionately promotes carsharing to those considering a car-light lifestyle. During his third term on the Board of Directors, as Secretary and Chair of the Governance Committee, Mark has successfully overseen bylaw changes and improvements to election procedures. Mark hopes to join our board in his crucial role for a fourth term.

Kelsey Evans

Kelsey works at the University of Manitoba as the Associate Director in the Office of the President. A strategic, results-focused leader, she has 17 years of diversified non-profit, social services, and corporate management experience. She has a robust background in developing and implementing multi-year strategic plans for organizational development. She’s supported Peg City Car Co-op through tremendous growth and innovation during her time on the board. 

A member since 2016, Kelsey joined the Peg City Car Co-op Board of Directors in 2018. She’s served as Vice President and President in the past. She’s also chaired the board’s Human Resource Committee and served on both the Finance and Executive Committees. Currently, she’s a member of the Governance Committee.  

Kelsey bikes around Winnipeg when the weather allows. She commutes to work by bus year-round and loves the convenience of hopping into a FLO car when she needs one. Kelsey is seeking re-election and looks forward to the opportunity to continue to support the organization for another term as a member at large. 

Tamir Bourlas

Tamir Bourlas is a Branch Manager at Assiniboine Credit Union McGregor. He’s driven by a commitment to community and cooperative values. With a dedication to fostering financial empowerment, Tamir is on a mission to help individuals achieve their financial goals and aspirations.

Tamir brings his passion for community service to the forefront as a longstanding member of Peg City Car Co-op’s Board of Directors, where he has provided insightful leadership for six impactful years.

When he’s not shaping the financial landscape or contributing to cooperative endeavours, Tamir finds joy and balance in his life through active pursuits. He’s a seasoned squash and disc golf player.