Meet our Partners: MAKE

We have partnered with some of Winnipeg’s best local joints for our Shop Local, Earn Credit campaign…and we want you to meet them!
Meet Jae-Sung Chon, owner of MAKE/ Coffee + Stuff, located on 751 Corydon St:
MAKE is a very unique space? How did it start?
Jae: Well, I love coffee and I was looking for ways to make design culture more accessible for Winnipeg’s public. This led me to ‘café culture’. As we know, the café used to be where many forms cultural dialogue took place: from philosophy to social revolution to poetry and art/design. Where did they go? Other than inside institutional settings and at occasional street events, we have very limited opportunities to come across them. I wanted to make a public space where a renewed café culture, a dialogue space, took place. Centered on design culture, MAKE is a space for dialogue.

The space at MAKE is very open without any décor so we can host events and exhibitions; the espresso-tea bar is pushed to the back (a counter intuitive business move) to allow a public-dialogue space.

Last year while I was looking into setting up MAKE, Café Postal opened and Thom Bargen was just getting ready! Time was ripe! It’s always exciting to join the movement. With the help of our MAKER crew, I was able to stage one event, 000 MODEL at MAKE, as its first space-event. So in fact the space ‘opened’ its doors as an event space first.

Can you tell us about MAKE’s unique relationship to architecture and design?

Jae: I believe we have a lot of design talents in Winnipeg, but we don’t have enough venues to showcase, expose, and celebrate them. MAKE is interested in playing a ‘stage’ role where designers (particularly the younger generation) can showcase their works, and encourage them to make more. The intention is to MAKE a crossroad where the café culture crosses with design culture. Through events, exhibitions and sometimes retail, coffee public can be exposed to design and designers.

I also teach design/architecture at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Manitoba, so it has a bias

Why is shopping locally in Winnipeg important?

Jae: Simply because it makes sense, especially in Winnipeg. We know that shopping locally can free you from your weekly pilgrimage of LOADS; build a healthy local (even neighbourhood level) economy; build neighbourhood consciousness by meeting people face to face and also by walking the neighbourhood street more frequently; build a sense of place and ownership of the place through increased consciousness; foster greater local engagement and participation, and so on. It makes sense for Winnipeg because of its scale – just big enough but also small enough to make a noticeable, shareable, and positive impact, at a city scale.


Pick up your promocard at any of our participating partners, like MAKE, and get a stamp for each purchase you make. Once your promocard is full, redeem it with us for a $10 Driving Credit. For more info, click here