Members Help Us Grow!


New and current members can enjoy $50 in drive time with our special September offer.

A solid recommendation from a friend about a great book or a tasty dish often means you’re more likely to give it a shot, right? We’ve found the same goes for carsharing. When our members show their friends how carsharing works for them, for their families, even for their small businesses, it helps paint a clearer picture of how it might work for them, too. We often hear from new members that they have been waiting to join Peg City Car Co-op; waiting for us to expand into their neighbourhood, waiting until they could sell their car, waiting for an sign-up incentive. Well – wait no longer!

For the month of September, we are offering current members a promo code to share with their friends and family. You’ll each receive a $50 driving credit, and the new driver will also have their $25 registration fee waived when they sign up with the promo code NEWMEM09. Simply pass this code along and have them drop your name like a celebrity when they finish up their registration.

You’ll feel like a rock star, and you’ll be helping your community carshare grow in a significant way.

Current members can refer up to two (2) new drivers through this promotion. Offer expires September 30, 2019.