Members write about living car-free


As a co-op we are so lucky to have so many great members join us on this great carshare adventure in Winnipeg. In the past week, two of our members have written blog posts about their experiences.

Vanessa Meads celebrated her third year living without a car by joining Peg City Car Co-op:

Last week I decided that the anniversary of my liberation from vehicle ownership was as good a thing as any to celebrate, and I purchased a membership that will allow me to reserve and use any of the Peg City cars for $4/hr + $0.25/km. This solution will allow me to access a vehicle for those times that cycling or taking the bus isn’t an option without the financial burden of owning my own or the physical cost of giving up active transportation.

Member Jessica Ehlers wrote a post explaining why living without a car works for her family:

We have intentionally built our current lifestyle to be car-free – everything from where we live to where Miles goes to school and the activities he participates in and dentists and doctors have been chosen at least partly so that we wouldn’t need a car.  Also, we realize we can do this because of the season of life we’re in.  As our situation changes (boys grow and start new activities, I get a new job, etc.), we will very likely end up with a car.

We love hearing why members choose to join the carshare. Got a story to share? Let us know!