November is Damage Awareness Month


For the month of November, we will be talking all things damage here on the blog. 

Damage awareness Month, peg city car on snowy road, people unloading supplies

We need to work with our members to keep our vehicles in the best shape possible, and as we move into the cold weather months, it’s the perfect time to talk about reporting – and preventing – damage. This month, we will be highlighting how prevention keeps carsharing costs low, special vehicle features to help you stay safe and warm, plus winter driving tips, and more.

From October to March, Winnipeg sees a lot of snow, coupled with quick thaws and deep freezes. Our roads take a beating during our winters, but our vehicles don’t have to! Driving fast and accelerating unnecessarily increases fuel and maintenance costs. Factor in those icy roads, it also increases your chances of a collision, and more collisions leads to higher premiums, which unfortunately means higher costs for members.

Here are a few excellent reminders and tips for winter driving, shared by Manitoba Public Insurance:

• Stay sharp – be a defensive driver. Beware of icy spots – bridges, overpasses, just before intersections and shady spots. Watch for other drivers who may be sliding. Slow down near vehicles stopped by the side of the road.

• Prepare for severe conditions. Check road and weather conditions. Avoid driving altogether in severe weather.

Remember, when inclement weather makes driving downright impossible or dangerous, we will cancel your booking at no cost!

• See and be seen. Before leaving, clear snow and ice off your vehicle and wait for foggy windows to clear up. Turn headlights on during heavy snow or sleet. On sunny days, use the visor and/or polarized sunglasses. Advance cautiously at snow banks.

• Drive smoothly. Accelerate, brake and make turns gradually, gently. Brake sooner.

• Keep plenty of following distance between you and the vehicle ahead. In ideal conditions, leave four seconds on city streets and six seconds on highways. In winter, leave considerably more.

We take care of outfitting every car, van and truck in the fleet with winter tires, ice scrapers, windshield washer fluid, and snow brushes. If the vehicle you’ve booked has a back-up camera, remember to give the camera lens a wipe at the start of your booking to clear away dirt and debris.

Keep an eye out for our next blog post, all about how we keep track of damage and the role our members play. Stay tuned!

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