Peg City Car Co-op Announces Expansion Goals

We’re already looking ahead to the new year, and a new year means new growth.

Over the next 9-12 months our members will be part of our most ambitious expansion goals yet! 

June 24, 2011: Cutting the ribbon at the launch of Peg City Car Co-op.

A little over eight years ago, Peg City Car Co-op started with a handful of members and three cars. We didn’t know what kind of market (if any) there was for carsharing. All we could hope for, is that if we provided a well run and affordable alternative to car ownership, The People would follow! It’s taken time for the momentum to build, but we have been able to grow almost every year. 

The last couple of years has seen some of our quickest growth. In the last 24 months, we have grown from a fleet of about 20 vehicles to 40 vehicles. We have added trucks, minivans, and cargo vans to our fleet. 

We are looking to continue to build on that momentum. That’s why we we’re announcing an expansion plan of 15-20 vehicles in the next 9-12 months. That’s right – up to 20 vehicles. That will bring our fleet to 60 cars total! 

With that growth, we plan on expanding into new neighbourhoods, to be announced later. We will also be adding at least one additional vehicle (and in most cases more)  to our existing neighbourhoods. As part of our goal to add value for our members, we also plan on continuing to diversify our fleet with our first all wheel drive (AWD) vehicles, a full sized cargo van,  as well as more trucks and minivans!  

As part of our first phase of growth, we have added three new vehicles to our fleet in October, in the Downtown/Exchange District and Corydon Village neighbourhoods. 

  • 170 McDermot Avenue 
  • 190 Smith Street
  • 842 McMillan Avenue (This is a temporary spot – we will be moving to 247 Wellington Crescent after construction is completed there.)

Our current members can be part of this growth and earn driving credits by referring new members to Peg City Car Co-op, participating in our Ambassador Program on social media, and more. Contact Member Services to see how you can help more Winnipeggers get on board with carsharing.

Stay tuned as we grow like never before! 

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