Peg City Car Co-op + Bike Valet Winnipeg


Meet one of Peg City Car Co-op’s wonderful partners: Bicycle Valet Winnipeg!

(Pictured: Stephanie from Bicycle Valet Winnipeg keeping those steel horses calm!)

Bicycle Valet Winnipeg’s aim is to work with event promoters to offer a Bicycle Valet at events to reduce traffic and parking congestion and encourage Active Transportation use in Winnipeg. Having a safe place to park their “wheels” will encourage people to choose an active lifestyle and increase the use of Winnipeg’s growing Active Transportation infrastructure.

During the Stanley Cup Playoffs, Bicycle Valet parked 824 bikes, trailers, and more! Peg City Car Co-op is so pleased to partner with a fabulous, free initiative like this. They will be available to park your V.I.B’s (that’s Very Important Bikes, obviously) at these summer events:

July 15th Jubilation Festival @ Saint Boniface Cathedral
July 27th Downtown Winnipeg Night Market
July 28th Folklorama Kick-Off Event @ Assiniboine Park
July 31st Moveable Feast
August 14th Moveable Feast
August 31st Downtown Winnipeg Night Market
September 7-9 ManyFest – All Together Downtown
September 29th Nuit Blanche Moveable Feast

You’re the best, Bicycle Valet Winnipeg!