Re:Member – Multi-day bookings


Re:Member is a series of helpful tips and reminders for Peg City Car Co-op members (and future members, too!)

This month’s topic: Multi-day Bookings!

Did you know that Members benefit from free hours between midnight + 7AM, as well as a daily rate cap of 8 hours? If you book for 10 hours, you only pay for 8. That means Members pay a maximum hourly rate of $38/day, and Member Plus drivers pay just $22/day.

Take a day trip out to Bird’s Hill Provincial Park for as little as $39! 

We offer the convenience of a car rental, with none of the hassle. Once you join as a Member and have your key fob in hand, you make your own bookings online, at the pick-up and drop-off times that suit your schedule.

If you’re looking for a way to get out of the city for the afternoon, or maybe for a few days – members can make multi-day bookings, for up to two weeks at a time! – we’ve got a set of wheels for you. Looking to drive further? Our per kilometre rate drops from $0.34/km to $0.17 after the first 50 kilometres. Try using our Trip Calculator to find the rate that fits your needs.

If you’re ready to join Peg City Car Co-op, click here to register.