Let’s talk resolutions for the new year!

Hanging a brand new calendar on the wall might inspire some to take on a stack of books in a reading challenge, decrease their social media time, or maybe try cooking restaurant favourites at home more often. Then there’s the CLASSIC resolutions: Try something new! Save money! Exercise! Travel more! We would love to help you check these off your list for 2019.

How can Peg City fit into your plans for the new year? Carsharing can save you thousands of dollars.¬†You don’t have to pay for fuel, maintenance, or parking. You never have to deal with swapping out the tires in summer and winter, and you’ll never be surprised by an expensive repair. Carsharing encourages you to walk, cycle, or bus – in these winter months, you can even ski or skate! – to get around when you don’t need to drive. But what if you want to get out of the city for a few days? No problem! Book yourself a car, and leave town. It’s that easy.

Resolve to carshare! If you’re ready to take on 2019 by making moves that will save you money and simplify your life, sign up for your Peg City Car Co-op membership using promo code RESOLUTION, and we’ll give you a $100 driving credit* to start the year off right. Join today!

*Offer is open to new, share-holding members only, and expires February 28, 2019.

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