Where to go: Nopiming Provincial Park


For many, carsharing is a way to run errands and get around the city when walking, biking and busing aren’t practical. This is our bread and butter, but carsharing can also be used to hit the road and explore! That’s why we’ve created a feature post called “Where To Go”, where staff and members explore Manitoba (and beyond). 

This month our Member, Lindsay Johnson and Operations Manager, Philip, went on a road trip to Nopiming Provincial Park. Read on for more details:

Canoe, strapped to Peg City Car

It’s been a tough few months with so much getting cancelled. So many people have had to change or postpone trips overseas and even to other places in Canada. Lucky for us, Manitoba has so much territory to explore without too many crowds. There are so many places to choose from it was hard to decide where to go, but ultimately we landed on Nopiming Provincial Park.

As with so many people, we were really itching to get out after being told to stay home for months, so we decided to take a whole week off to get out into the wilderness. This is made extra manageable with the fact that so many of Peg City Car Co-op vehicles are equipped with roof racks and Provincial Park Passes.

Canoe, strapped to Peg City Car

Before hitting the road, we decided to pick up some snacks and support a fabulous local establishment, Black Market Provisions (don’t want to be driving with an empty stomach).

Then we were off to camp one night at Tulibi Falls, before hitting the backcountry. It’s a great little campground, with a lovely beach and beautiful waterfalls. It was nice to hang out for the afternoon, go swimming and make some excellent campfire food. 

The next morning we hit the water. This is an excellent route because the portages are short, and there’s only a few. Most of the time, you are paddling on a beautiful winding river. It also doesn’t take long to get to some beautiful campsites. We decided that we weren’t going to go for an intense canoe trip, so we set up on an island where we spent the rest of our journey. It was great, with an amazing view and a great breeze off the lake to keep the bugs away.

Canoe, strapped to Peg City Car
canoe help get this boat in the water?

For the next few days, we spent our time mostly relaxing, swimming and eating great food. In between, we’d work a bit by collecting wood and going for short paddles to explore! On one of our exploratory trips, we decided to head to the next set of falls, where we hung out for a bit with some snacks.

All and all, Bird River was a great place to go to relax and enjoy the outdoors. We highly recommend it! 

burnin' wood

If you are interested in sharing your carsharing adventures, let us know, and we’d be happy to feature you on our next “Where To Go” post! 

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