Take Five Before You Drive


Inspect your vehicle and report any new damage before starting your trip. Here’s how.

Take five before you drive to inspect your Peg City Car Co-op vehicle for any new or existing damage. Inspect your vehicle’s windows for cracks and low tire pressure, and do a complete walk-around to note any damage.

We place numbered stickers on known damage. Each number corresponds to the damage notes listed in the profile of each vehicle. You can find these notes in the confirmation email for each booking. If the found damage is already listed, you may continue your trip. When in doubt, report it anyway!

If you discover damage during your pre-driving inspection that is larger than a credit card and does not have a sticker nearby, you are responsible for reporting the damage before starting your trip.

Reporting damage is as simple as snapping a photo and emailing [email protected]. We recommend replying to your booking confirmation email and attaching the picture. Members may also reach our on-call staff between 7 am and midnight by calling 204-793-3912.