The Festive 5: Reason to Invest #5


Every Monday in December, we brought you another reason to support carsharing in Winnipeg. Help us grow by purchasing investment shares. The deadline to receive a 30% tax credit from the Province is TODAY!

Invest in Less

This week is a recap of the reasons and is a reminder that today is your last chance (this year) to buy your investment shares and qualify for a 30% tax rebate. No worries if you can’t get the paperwork  in today and we have a handy Paypal option for the last minute investments.

Throughout the month, we’ve written specifically about the economic, environmental and health benefits of living in a city with a robust carsharing service. Last week, we reached our year-end goal of raising $50,000! With a week to spare! With that money , we will be able to purchase new cars for the fleet and expand into new neighbourhoods. We are already planning our next locations.

We have been approved to raise $200,000 and with our $50,000 goal surpassed, we are still accepting share purchases. So don’t let the year end pass without getting the benefit of the tax credit!

Finally, we didn’t go into great detail on the topic of community. The truth is, carsharing is a tough business. Anybody who works in this industry can tell you it isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Cars are expensive to run, owners know this.  They get even more so when you are committed to keeping them in the best working order possible and providing great customer service. To be a successful and sustainable carshare, we will need to grow.

So why do we do it? We believed that Winnipeg would benefit from this service. Exactly for all the environmental, health, and economic reasons listed before. We chose to become a co-op because we knew it would be the business model that is most likely to succeed. We also wanted this to be a service that is member focused. All decisions are made with our members in mind. Not profits. It is also why we are able to offer some of the lowest prices in the industry.

So, thank you Winnipeg, for supporting us over the past year. We launched in June of 2011 with 3 cars and 36 members. We now have 4 cars and over 110 members. Thank you for helping us grow.

Happy New Year from the board and staff of Peg City Car Co-op!