How To: Washing Cars and Earning Credit


Peg City is glad to reimburse members for washing cars so long as the car is cleaned inside and out with before and after photos emailed along with your receipt. We’ll also add a $10 driving credit to your account as a thank-you!

Peg City staff washing cars

Carsharing and Cleanliness

Peg City staff clean and inspect vehicles on rotation, so evidence of other drivers and outdoor conditions is a normal part of carsharing.

Depending on the season, you’ll likely notice some level of dirt and debris on the vehicle exterior and interior floor mats when driving Peg City. That said, members are expected to clean up after themselves and their pets. Let’s talk reasonable expectations.

PCCC staff cleaning interior

How Much Mess Is Too Much Mess?

If you arrive at your vehicle to find garbage left behind, interior spills, or pet hair on the upholstery, please snap photos and submit them through the Damage/Maintenance report in the Peg City app. You can also send us a quick email. We’ll follow up with previous drivers and schedule the appropriate service in a timely fashion.

Transporting pets

Guidelines for Transporting Pets

Our members rely on our service for various needs, including caring for and transporting their furry friends! Pets must travel in a carrier or on a barrier in the cargo area of the vehicle. Please respect other members by cleaning up all pet hair, paw prints or other such messes before returning your car.

peg city car coop member washing cars

Washing Cars and Earning Credit

If a vehicle’s interior becomes noticeably dirty during your booking,

1. Visit any coin-opMidtown car wash, or Chamois

2. Take before and after photos, and clean the vehicle inside and out!

3. Send us an email with the photos and receipts. We reimburse up to $25 per wash as much as twice a month. Plus, we’ll add a $10 driving credit to your account as a thank-you.