Winnipeg Car Co-op Beefs Up Fleet with New 4×4 Truck

Peg City’s Operations Manager, Philip, chatted with CBC Manitoba this morning about our brand new addition!

“Members of Winnipeg’s sole vehicle-sharing co-operative now have access to something big enough to haul a load of junk to the landfill or carry a couch during a move.

Peg City Car Co-op recently added a four-wheel-drive truck to its fleet of 25 vehicles parked in and around Winnipeg’s downtown core.

“A truck is something someone needs every once in a while,” said Philip Mikulec, operations manager with the co-operative. He says many people are familiar with the experience of having to ask a friend with a truck for a favour during a move.

“We want to be your friend now,” Mikulec said. “We want you to have the opportunity to use a truck when you need it.”

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