Re:Member – Running Late

Re:Member is a series of helpful tips and reminders for Peg City Car Co-op members.

This month’s topic: Running Late!

You booked a car for two hours, which would have been plenty of time … but now you’re stuck at a train crossing. Or there’s construction. Or your meeting ran long. It happens to all of us!

If you know that you won’t be able to return the car on time, log into your account, and as long as there isn’t another booking right after yours, you can add time to your existing booking in 15 minute increments. Can’t log in from your smart phone or computer? Give us a call, and we can extend the booking for you.

Adding time to your existing booking is always cheaper than incurring a $20 late return fee. What happens if you can’t extend the booking? Be courteous and give us a call. We can reach out to the next Member and let them know when the vehicle will be returned for them – it’s that kind of  communication that makes carsharing a positive, reliable experience for our 1000+ Members.

( … and we have to say, our Members are pretty great! If you’re thinking about joining Peg City Car Co-op, you can find information about our plans and vehicle locations HERE.)

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