The Festive 5: Reason to Invest #4

Every Monday in December, the Festive 5 will bring you another reason to support carsharing in Winnipeg. Help us grow by purchasing investment shares. The deadline to receive a 30% tax credit from the Province is December 31st, 2012. This week we’re talking…



In this post, we were going to speak about carsharing and co-ops as builders of stronger, more resilient communities. Instead, we have been so inspired by the demonstration of support given to us, that we realized, we are benefiting from the strong commitment to community that is already here.

This may come across as sentimental, but isn’t that what the holidays are for?

While our over all goal is to raise $200,000 so that we can grow to 11 cars in the next 2 years, we made it our short term goal in November to raise $50,000 by the end of December. As with many goals, we set our target on our most reasonable expectations, with the understanding that we may not make it. But we did!

We are officially over the $50,000 goal, which is enough money to allow to expand our fleet!

So from all of the members and staff at Peg City Car Co-op we want to take this opportunity to say thank you! Thank you so much for believing in this project. We chose to be a co-op, because we knew that making a carshare work in Winnipeg was a challenge, but we also firmly believed that this is a city that deserves the transportation perks and amenities available in larger cities.

Earning your support has been the biggest reward to date. Ultimately, that is what the CED tax credit program is all about. Community-supported and funded business.

That being said, today is December 24th. Please enjoy the holidays! Dress warm and drive (or bike) safe!

Oh, and we are still accepting investments until the end of the year!






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