How To Add a 5L Driver to Your Account


Shareholding members can now add drivers with a 5L licence to their account! Adding a 5L driver comes with special conditions, so please read on for details.

Conditions of Adding a 5L Driver

5L drivers may be added to Member accounts held by a driver with a full licence. These drivers must be 16 or older. Before adding a 5L driver, you’ll need to complete our 5L application waiver and pay a $500 deposit in addition to your member share. Once the learner has graduated to a 5F licence or left the account, we’ll be glad to refund that $500 to you.

Drivers with a 5L licence will not receive a fob, nor will they have app access through their own login. Instead, they will be permitted to drive on bookings associated with your account so long as they are supervised by a driver with a full licence on that account. 

Accounts with a 5L licenced driver on it are not eligible for our Damage Pool program. That means that drivers on the shared account with the 5L driver are also not eligible. You’re free to rejoin a Damage Pool program once the 5L driver has earned their 5F status or left the account. Be sure to read our 5L application waiver, which outlines your liability should the 5L driver or another driver on the same account be in an at-fault collision.

5L Application Waiver and Registration

Begin by reading and completing our 5L application waiver. This waiver outlines your responsibilities as the supervisor of the learning driver. Send us the completed form and the requested photos by email.

Our Member Services team will respond to your request within three business days.

Moving Through Graduated Licensing

Once the 5L driver has been added to your account, they’re welcome to drive on your Peg City bookings, so long as they’re driving with supervision, in accordance with Manitoba law. They can even use a Peg City vehicle to complete their road test!

Be sure to update Peg City with proof of the change in licence once the learner has passed their road test and moved on to 5I status. If you’d like the driver to continue on your Peg City account, they’ll receive a fob and their own login to access so they can book and drive Peg City vehicles. While the driver must follow the conditions laid out by the graduated licensing program in Manitoba, they’ll no longer need the supervision of a 5F driver every time they drive Peg City.

When the driver has earned their 5F status, update Peg City with proof of this change one last time. We’ll be glad to refund your additional $500 deposit from there. Your account will also become eligible for our Damage Pool programs should you choose to join.

And that’s it! We’re excited to open up opportunities for younger drivers to access Peg City and welcome them to the brave new world of shared mobility. If you have questions about the program that aren’t covered by the rundown in the 5L Application Waiver, don’t hesitate to email us!


How To Apply with a 5I Licence


Drivers with a 5I licence from Manitoba are now eligible to drive Peg City! You may also benefit from this program if you have a 5I equivalent from another province or region. Here’s how to apply with 5I.

Are you fewer than 30 days away from earning your 5F? You’re welcome to apply through our usual channels! Those more than 30 days out may follow the steps below.

Driving History

First, you’ll need your driving history from Manitoba Public Insurance to submit with your application. Your driving history must be completely clear (no tickets or at-fault collisions) to be eligible. Driving histories can take up to five business days to process. We can’t approve you to drive until you’ve proven your history, so it’s wise to get it from MPI first. You can find instructions for requesting your driving history in Manitoba here.

If your licence is from outside of Manitoba, you’ll need to get your driving history before applying. Different regions have different processes for getting driving history, so we recommend contacting the governing body that issued your licence directly.

5I Licence Registration

Once you have your driving history, fill out our registration form. Please note that 5I applicants are required to join at the Member or Member Plus tier and will be asked to pay an additional $500 deposit after approval ($1,000 total). 5I applicants are not eligible to join our Damage Pool program.

We’ll be glad to refund your $500 deposit and allow you entry into the Damage Pool once you’ve earned your 5F licence.

5I Application Waiver

Finally, read and complete our 5I application waiver. Once our member services team has reviewed your application (this process can take up to three business days), you’ll receive an email requesting this waiver and making arrangements for the payment of your additional $500 deposit.

We hope this program makes carsharing accessible to a wider range of people who need it. If you have any questions about this program or the application process, feel welcome to give us a call or send us an email!


Winter Route Parking: Your Guide to Avoiding a Tow with FLO


Winter weather is marked by falling snow and the many trucks and plows needed to clear it. As the flurries fall, we’re here to guide you through the winter route parking and the residential parking bans that keep roads clear.

Remember, you remain responsible for how a FLO car is parked up to 24 hours after your booking ends (or until the next member accesses the car, whichever comes first). For this reason, avoiding time-limited rush hour zones and roads marked as winter routes is crucial when ending your FLO booking. Click here for a quick, all-season guide to parking with FLO.

Winter route parking signage in English and French. Each sign has a no stopping and tow symbol on it.

Residential parking bans add a layer of complexity to parking FLO cars in winter. The City of Winnipeg announces these bans to clear snow. The parking restrictions may not be marked with street signage. To park with confidence, we recommend downloading the Know Your Zone App from the City of Winnipeg.

Use the app to search an address for an upcoming ban. You can also enter your favourite addresses and receive alerts announcing residential parking bans.

Bans are announced through the Know Your Zone App. To park with confidence, be sure to check Know Your Zone before parking and ending any FLO booking. If there’s an upcoming or active parking ban in the next 24 hours, you must move the vehicle to a safe, on-street location with no parking ban. If a FLO car is parked on a street with a current or upcoming ban, you may be responsible for the associated ticket or tow.

Remember, you should never end your trip with a FLO car on a street with winter route signs. You can always check our FLO parking guide to make sure you’re in an area that is safe to park!

The following resources from The City of Winnipeg will help you download and use the Know Your Zone App:

  1. Find winter route parking information on the City of Winnipeg website and download the Know Your Zone App.
  2. Watch this 2-minute video tutorial on using the Know Your Zone App.

Comparing FIX vs FLO Prices: Understand the Difference and Get the Best Rates!


FLO cars have been on the streets for a few weeks now, and we’ve been hearing a lot of positive feedback from members on the convenience and ease of using FLO.

As we head into the hottest and busiest time of the year for carsharing, we wanted to take a moment to break down the kinds of trips where FLO is best. It’s also helpful to compare FIX vs FLO prices across different kinds of trips so you can access the best rate no matter the trip.

Looking at the above rate chart, FLO prices appear more expensive than FIX ones, but depending on the trip, FLO can actually be the cheaper option. It’s also important to note that FIX price matching is included for FLO bookings on the Member Plus plan. More on that below.

A map displaying the FLO Zone, FLO cars, FLO Drop-Off Points, and FIX stations

FLO Prices for Quick Trips

FLO is the obvious choice for A to B trips inside the FLO Zone. FIX has a minimum booking time of an hour, but FLO trips have no minimum time requirement. If you only need to drive a few kilometres in fifteen minutes, a FLO trip would run you roughly five dollars, while a FIX trip would cost closer to ten (and you’d have to return the car to the same place you picked it up). If you frequently make quick trips, purchasing a FLO Pass will save you even more!

FIX vs FLO Prices for Long Trips

We can see from the trip calculator that FLO day trips are often cheaper than FIX ones. And on the Member Plus plan, FLO bookings are price-matched to FIX. That makes FLO an excellent fit for a weekend trip to Minneapolis or a day at the beach!

And as summer heats up and FIX cars book up, FLO cars can be an excellent option for spending a few days in Riding Mountain or at the cabin. While these bookings may cost you a few dollars more than a FIX trip, if you’re on the Member Plus plan, you’ll benefit from price-matching on these bookings. THat makes FLO a great alternative when you begin booking your weekend and can’t find a FIX!

Remember, you’re welcome to drive wherever you need during a FLO booking. All Peg City vehicles can be driven throughout Canada and the United States. You only need to pay attention to the FLO Zone and FLO Drop-Off Points when you begin or conclude your FLO booking.

A Few Final Reminders

When you make travel plans, please remember that all FLO cars are hatchbacks or hybrid sedans. While the back seats are easy to maneuver, and these cars can haul quite a lot, FIX is still there when you need a minivan, SUV, truck, or cargo van. FIX vehicles also have unique features like bike racks, car seats, and park passes!

Whether you book FIX or FLO, make sure you grab the vehicle keys from the key-card holder in the glove box. Even when the car’s a push start, those keys will allow you to lock and unlock the doors throughout your booking. It’s also essential to take the keys to avoid locking yourself out of the car and ending your trip accidentally. All Peg City vehicles have a safety mechanism that locks the doors when the keys are in the key-card holder, and the ignition is off for three minutes. This doesn’t happen when you’ve taken the keys from the glove box, so be sure to grab those keys!


How to FLO: Free-Floating Tutorial


Free-floating carsharing has arrived at Peg City! These hatchbacks and hybrid electric sedans are ready for you any time you need a car – and fast! FLO cars work differently from our existing round-trip or FIX vehicles. We’re here to show you how to FLO.

One of the most important things we want to highlight is that ending your booking with FLO differs slightly from FIX. With FIX, your booking ends at the time you set when you made a booking. But with FLO, you end your booking by parking in the FLO Zone, plugging the keys into the glove box holder, and using the app or Peg City fob to secure the car. This is why taking the vehicle keys from their spot in the glove box is extra important when using a FLO vehicle. Keep those keys with you until you’re ready to end your booking!

How To Book FLO

Map displaying the FLO Zone
How to FLO: search for your nearest FLO car

When you open the app, you’ll see the map view, including the FLO Zone, in light yellow. You’ll notice two tabs at the bottom – one for searching round-trip vehicles and one for one-way FLO trips. Select the FLO tab and click Find vehicle from there.

The map will populate with available FLO cars in bold yellow. The car’s exact location will be displayed when you click on an available FLO car. You’ll also notice a walking itinerary from your current location.

How to FLO: block a FLO car
How to FLO: start your trip

When you’ve found the car you want, click Block this FLO. You now have 30 minutes to travel to your car and begin driving.

If you notice a FLO car on the street and want to hop in, pull up the app to make sure it’s free, then block it out and unlock the car from there.

Please note that our FLO cars are all pet-free hatchbacks or sedans. If you need to take your kids and all their friends to the beach, haul your bike or a two-by-four, or take Fido to the vet, book FIX!

How To Use FLO

From the time you put a hold on a FLO car, you have thirty minutes to get to the vehicle.

Once there, use the app or Peg City fob to open the car and begin your booking. Again, it’s super important that you grab the vehicle keys from the holder in the glove box. Take these keys with you and use them to lock and unlock the doors in the course of your FLO booking.

How to FLO: showing the key location in the glove box

With FLO, you can drive where you need for as little or as long as you need. FLO cars are great for quick A to B trips in the FLO Zone. Since these bookings don’t have a predetermined end time, they’re also perfect for those errand runs when you just can’t be sure how long you’ll need!

Whether you’re driving for just a few minutes or for days or even a week or two, you’re welcome to leave the FLO Zone and drive where you need to during your FLO booking.

When you’re ready to release a FLO car, park it on any public street within our designated FLO Zone or a Drop-Off Point, plug the keys back into their spot in the glove box holder, then use the Peg City App or fob to secure the car. You’ll be able to view the FLO Zone and Drop-Offs in the app, and we’ve got a complete FLO parking guide for you here.

One last time, when you fob out or use the app to secure a FLO car with the keys inserted in the glove box holder, you end your booking and free the car for the next member, so keep those keys with you until you’re ready to release the car!

Special Rates

FLO Pass price breakdown

Finally, we’re introducing our FLO Pass to save members money on quick trips.

You can purchase a FLO Pass through the app or desktop site. One pass is good for 20 FLO trips of thirty minutes or less. That adds up to ten hours and 1,000 kilometres of driving for as little as $45! If you wind up using the car longer, the pass covers the first 30 minutes and 50km of your FLO booking, but regular FLO rates apply after the 31st minute and 51st km.

Each FLO Pass is valid for 30 days, and you’re free to buy all you need. If you frequently find yourself needing a car for a quick trip, these savings are made just for you!

We hope you enjoy going with the FLO on June 7!

Any questions? Check our FLO FAQ, and previous communications about rates, send us an email or give us a call.


What To Do If You Can’t Get Your Driving History


Anyone who applies for membership with Peg City Car Co-op must have a full driver’s licence. We check the driving history of all applicants to verify that they meet our eligibility criteria. If you have a Manitoban driver’s licence, we’ll request that history on your behalf. Drivers with licences from other provinces or territories can usually get their history online.

That said, we know that proving driving history can be difficult for drivers from other countries. (It can even be challenging for certain Canadian provinces/territories!) So, effective March 1, 2023, we’ve developed an application process for any driver who cannot produce their history.

If you can’t get your driving history, you can sign up for the Member or Member Plus plan and complete the Member Eligibility Declaration form instead.

By signing this waiver, you confirm that you meet our eligibility criteria without having to show your history. In exchange, you must register as on the Member plan and pay the $500 Member Share. Members without a driver abstract are also not eligible for the Damage Pool and may be responsible for damages up to $1000. You can join the Damage Pool after a year of damage-free driving.


How to Fuel a Peg City Vehicle

How to fuel a Peg City vehicle with one of our Shell fuel cards

When you open the glove box in any Peg City vehicle, you’ll find a Shell fuel card installed inside. These cards can be activated in the app and used to pay at the pump at any gas station in Canada, providing our members with convenience and flexibility while keeping the cards secure.

Read on for a step-by-step guide on fueling a Peg City vehicle, or watch our video below!

How to Fuel a Peg City Vehicle

The fuel card is in the key-card holder inside the glove box. It should work at any fuel retailer in Canada, so long as they have a pay-at-the-pump option. We ask that you have another form of payment along with you, just in case there’s an issue with the card and you need to pay out of pocket (more on how to get reimbursed later). Note that the Shell cards won’t work for in-store purchases.

Activate the Card and Find the PIN

To use the card, scroll up on your reservation banner and tap “Fuel Card.” From there, you’ll be instructed to activate the card before the PIN is displayed. Simply follow the terminal instructions to pay at the pump just as you would with any other credit card. The card will be active for 15 minutes after activation. Cards can be reactivated as many times as needed in a booking.

Please only fuel up using regular fuel, and note that the cards have a $100 limit.

Members who use the desktop site instead of the app will need to call Peg City to activate a fuel card before fuelling.

So long as they have a pay-at-the-pump option, you can fuel up at any gas station in Canada, not just Shell.

And we’re off! Fill that tank!

Once the tank is full, you’re done. No need to save the receipt and no log book entry to complete. Just slide the card back into its slot in the key-card holder and get on your way!

If you need to pay out of pocket and submit a receipt, you can load the receipt through the app. First, click on the trip where you purchased the fuel.
Then click Upload receipt.
Next you can take a photo of the receipt or upload a photo you've taken previously.

Other Ways To Pay

If, for whatever reason, you can’t pay with the Shell fuel card, please pay out of pocket, take a photo of your receipt and submit it through the app (Trips>Past>Click on the trip>Upload receipt). Items like wiper fluid must be purchased out of pocket and reimbursed later. You can also email us a photo of the receipt if the app is not an option for you.

For proper reimbursement, the receipt must be clear, itemized, and show the date and time of the transaction. Our Member Services team will add the credit to your account from there.

That’s everything! For a bit more detail and a silly instructional video, head to our Instagram page and follow along!

P.S. We’re on TikTok too!


Peg City Fast Facts: Save more


Learn how to save more when you carshare with Peg City Car Co-op.

Friends talking near Peg City Car Co-op vehicle

Owning vs carsharing

According to the Canadian Automobile Association’s Annual Driving Costs Report, the average cost of owning and operating a vehicle in Canada is $8,000 each year. To calculate the costs of owning your vehicle, use CAA’s driving cost calculator:

On average, our members spend about $1,200 a year on carsharing.

All usage rates cover gas, insurance, parking and maintenance. We worry about winter tires and inevitable repairs or replacements.

Walk. Bike. Bus.

The majority of Peg City members use carsharing in place of owning a car. Living a car-free lifestyle often means walking, biking, and busing to limit vehicle use and save money. 

As more people shift to active and alternate transportation methods, fewer cars are needed. This study found that carsharing can take 9 to 13 vehicles off the road for each carsharing vehicle in the fleet.

walk bike bus
Peg City Car Co-op Van with family

The right fit: memberships

We offer a variety of Membership options for individuals and businesses alike. Ensuring you have the right membership for your driving needs can make a big difference on your monthly invoice!

Pro tip: if you are a Member and you think you will make over 15 hrs in bookings throughout the month, you can save money by switching to Member+ to take advantage of our lowest hourly rates!

If you are a shareholding member, you can switch between the Member and Member Plus plans each month to ensure you are on the plan that fits your carsharing needs.

Member perks

Our co-op members can access perks like the ambassador program, our Shop Local driving credit stamp cards, roaming agreements, and other perks to save money! Check out our partners and perks

loading plants into a Peg City Truck
Free overnight hours

Free overnight hours

Shareholding members have access to free overnight hours between midnight and 7 am! Night owls and early birds alike, rejoice!


Peg City Fast Facts: Membership


Read these five fast facts about the perks of becoming a shareholding member of Peg City Car Co-op!

Member waiting near Peg City Car

Pay a few ways

Becoming a member of the co-op means simplifying your lifestyle. Members can book cars whenever they need them and receive a single monthly invoice.

Our Member plans offer flexible payment options, including credit card, etransfer, electronic bill payment (if you are a credit union member) and cheque.

Switch between plans

When you purchase a member share, you can switch between Member and Member Plus plans any month you choose. Take advantage of the right rates for you.

Coupe walking toward Peg City Car in a parking lot
Parents and newborn standing near Peg City Car

Add drivers

Each member can add up to four additional drivers to their account. This means you can share the driving with a spouse, partner, and even the kids (this little one’s got about 18 years to wait). Drivers do not need to live in the same residence to share an account.

Bookings for all drivers are added to a single monthly bill.

Have your say

Engage your democratic member rights! Your member shares entitle you to attend our Annual General Meeting to voice and vote for new board members or become one yourself!

loading plants into a Peg City Truck
Friends talking near Peg City Car Co-op vehicle


Heading out of town but still hoping to carshare when you get there? Peg City Car Co-op has roaming agreements with carsharing companies like HOURCAR in Minneapolis and Communauto across Canada.


Damage Awareness Month: Reporting


This week we are tackling the importance of reporting damage. This topic is so critical to carsharing we made a snazzy comic for your viewing pleasure! Enjoy.

We are nearly wrapping up Damage Awareness Month here on our blog, and we’ve created a pair of comics to address a topic that is decidedly not so fun.

We hope that sharing helpful winter driving tips, laying out the different insurance options, and outlining how we track vehicle damage, members will feel informed and ready to help keep our entire fleet in the best shape possible. If a car gets bumped, scraped, dinged, or worse, we need to know about it. The sooner we are able to assess and repair damage, the sooner we can get that vehicle back on the road! We happily take on the hassle and cost of vehicle maintenance and repair so that those who choose to go car-free or car-lite don’t have to worry about it.

When damage goes unreported – and unclaimed – it means we have to pay out of pocket, and ultimately that means higher rates for our members. With help from our members, we can stay on top of repairs AND keep costs low for everyone.  So on that note here is a comic on Damage Reporting.


Damage Reporting Comic