Re:member the Perks

Re:Member, there are perks to being a member!

When you become a share-holding Member of Peg City Car Co-op, you gain access to benefits that aren’t available to Casual drivers. Read on to learn about our newest promotions, and local partnerships with Design Quarter Winnipeg and Fête Ice-cream & Coffee . Plus even more ways to earn driving credits, and win WECC concert tickets!

**Spoiler Alert**: We are celebrating the addition of 3 new cars with a new promotion!

“Re:member the Perks”

Carsharing Q&A: Family of four

Curious about how carsharing might fit into your families lifestyle? Wondering how you can live car free in Winnipeg and still get the kiddos to school in the morning?

This Q&A series highlights the experiences of members that carshare as a family. We get a lot of questions about how carsharing works in general, but these folks get full-on stopped in the streets with questions like, “how do you manage the car seats?” and “what’s the deal with your car?

“Carsharing Q&A: Family of four”